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Threads of Gratitude


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“Health care professionals dedicate their lives to serving others. And it’s time for the world to serve them.” – Heather Hasson

Threads of Gratitude

How Heather Hasson honored the caregivers who go above and beyond 

The journey of FIGS began over a cup of coffee over a decade ago. Heather Hasson was meeting her good friend, a nurse practitioner, who was coming off a 16-hour shift draped in what essentially was a poorly fitting burlap sack with her size displayed in bright orange for all to see. This was the official garment for medical professionals, aka “scrubs.”  

“I was staring at my friend’s baggy, boxy, ill-fitting scrubs,” says Heather. “And I could not help but think about how many multi-billion-dollar apparel companies were focused at that very minute on giving athletes every possible advantage. I thought to myself: What about the people saving lives? Who’s focused on them?” 

Fast forward over a decade later, and the socially conscious company devoted to creating comfortable, durable and functional products has gone on to great success. “Your uniform tells the world who you are and what you do,” says Heather. “Particularly for health care professionals, scrubs are a symbol of safety, identity and unity. They should help you look good, feel good and perform at your best. And if they can elevate your performance – even in small or unexpected ways – imagine the profound impact it can have.” 

A special gift 

With so much passion for health care professionals, Heather has dedicated her career to improving the industry for those she calls Awesome Humans. 

Heather’s journey to motherhood led her to Providence St. Joseph Hospital during the birth of her first child. Throughout her experience, Heather was moved by the exceptional care and kindness she was constantly met with. 

Deeply moved by these incredible caregivers, Heather wanted to honor their dedication in a significant way. She generously donated 300 FIGS scrubs to the labor/delivery and mother/baby departments in gratitude. 

“There is no one in the world I have more respect for than health care professionals, and the caregivers at Providence St. Joseph are among the very best,” Heather said. “Giving back has always been core to who FIGS is, and I am honored to give back to a team that spends every day caring so deeply for others.” 

The team was extremely grateful for the donation. “Heather’s generosity is very meaningful to all of us,” smiles Jessica Laske, MSN, RN, RNC-OB, manager, labor and delivery. “We are honored to receive this gift that will personally touch every caregiver on the team.”  Carol Suchy, MSN, RN, IBCLC, manager, mother-baby unit, agrees. “When someone who has a great experience and makes the effort to let us know, it uplifts and inspires us. This gift was especially dear because it represented Heather’s belief in what we do.” 

Heather’s experience is a testament to the profound impact our caregivers have on patients and their families — delivering on their promise of providing compassionate care for all. “Health care professionals dedicate their lives to serving others,” she says. “And it’s time for the world to serve them.”

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