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Frequently Asked Questions

For fifty years, St. Joseph Hospital Foundation has been connecting donors with giving opportunities. Your support is sincerely appreciated.



Q: Is St. Joseph Hospital Foundation a 501(c)(3) organization?

A:  Yes. St. Joseph Hospital Foundation was founded in 1970 as a 501 (c)(3) organization. 

Q: What is St. Joseph Hospital Foundation's tax identification number (TIN)?

A: The St. Joseph Hospital Foundation’s Federal TIN or EIN is 95-1643359.

Q: How much does the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation spend on fundraising?

A: St. Joseph Hospital Foundation spends less than 23 cents on fundraising administration for every dollar raised.

Q: How does that compare to the national average?

A: When compared to the national average of 25 cents for community hospitals, St. Joseph Hospital Foundation performs better than the average.

Q: How is my gift used?

A: All gifts are used exclusively for programs that have a direct, positive impact on the health and wellness of our community.  Each gift, regardless of the amount, is greatly appreciated and we ensure that the donors’ wishes and intent are respected.

Q: May I direct my gift to a specific department or program at St. Joseph Hospital?

A: Yes, all donors may designate their gift to a specific institute or fund supporting a fundraising priority for the hospital. Donors also have the opportunity to give to the area of greatest need for St. Joseph Hospital.

Q: Is my gift tax-deductible?

A: While contributions to the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation are considered tax-deductible, individual circumstances vary depending. We recommend you consult with your tax attorney or advisor concerning the deductibility of your gift.

Q: May I apply for a grant from St. Joseph Hospital Foundation?

A: St. Joseph Hospital Foundation is not a grantor. We raise funds specifically to support the initiatives, programs and priorities of St. Joseph Hospital.

Q: What happens with my information after I give to the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation?

A: Personal and financial information pertaining to our donors is not disclosed by the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation except as may be required by law.

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