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Robotic Surgery Helps Patient Fight Cancer


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Ron Cambra with his wife and daughter

“Thank God this technology is available at Providence St. Joseph. They saved my life.”

Robotic Surgery Helps Patient Fight Cancer

Though Ron Cambra has a family history of prostate cancer, he never thought he would be next.

But at his physical, his physician noted that his prostate specific antigen (PSA) level was high. After further testing, Ron was diagnosed with prostate cancer. As a resident of Orange, he knew he wanted to come to Providence St. Joseph Hospital. After meeting urologist, Brian Norouzi, MD, he knew he had chosen the right place for care. Fortunately, they caught the cancer early.

After exploring all treatment options, Ron elected to have his prostate removed. “Dr. Norouzi shared that the hospital was going to be receiving an advanced piece of equipment: the da Vinci Single-Port Surgical System,” shared Ron. “He asked if I wanted to be the first patient. I said, ‘Of course! I trust you.’”

The technology, fully funded by philanthropy, allows surgeons to perform complex surgeries with delicate precision. The robot enters the body through one small incision above the belly button, allowing the surgeon to use the robot’s surgical instruments to complete the procedure with a 3D magnified view. 

“The morning of the surgery, I was scared. This was the first time I’d ever been admitted to a hospital,” Ron recalled. But when he awoke from surgery, he had no pain, was able to eat and drink —
even walk around the unit. “It was nothing like what my family experienced when they were patients elsewhere and didn’t have the advantage of this new technology.”

Five days later, Ron was back at work part-time. Two weeks later, he was back full-time and walking his dog. Ron encourages everyone to get tested, and not to fear the unknown.

“Thank God this technology is available at Providence St. Joseph,” he said. “Thank you to everyone there. They saved my life.”

The single-port surgical system is currently used for robotic prostate surgery, but its use can expand to include kidney, pelvic and gynecological surgeries as well. 

For more information on how you can support the Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment, contact Heather Harwell, director of major gifts, at 714-347-7900 or Heather.Harwell@providence.org.

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