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Meet Drs. Alex and Neerja Zand


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“It’s more about service…the culture of selfless behavior and caring for the community.”

– Dr. Alex Zand

Meet Drs. Alex and Neerja Zand

Husband and wife with deep family ties to Providence St. Joseph Hospital

For Drs. Alex and Neerja Zand, medicine is more than a career. It’s a family affair.

Both were inspired early in life by watching their physician parents care for patients. They both have close relatives working as doctors at Providence St. Joseph Hospital. And their children were both born at the hospital.

They are truly part of the Providence St. Joseph Hospital family.

Although they have very different specialties — he focuses on adult medicine and geriatric care, while she is a pediatrician — they share a commitment to the culture and values that make Providence St. Joseph Hospital special.

“Providence St. Joseph is based on the most important principles of giving each human value and dignity,” Dr. Neerja says. “Those are sometimes overlooked, but they have always held these tenets that I think are most important.”

Her husband agrees: “At Providence St. Joseph, I’ve always felt that everyone’s goal was to take care of the patient. It’s more about service…the culture of selfless behavior and caring for the community. That’s something to be proud of.”

That recognition of how important Providence St. Joseph Hospital is to the community inspired the Zands to serve as co-chairs of this year’s fundraiser, Celebration 2021: Embracing a Healthy Tomorrow, From Our Home to Yours.

The Zands say that helping sustain the Foundation and giving back to the community is “part of the package” of being a physician. “It’s an honor to be able to help,” Dr. Neerja says.

Dr. Alex adds: “Philanthropy fills the gaps in our community by enabling Providence St. Joseph physicians to care for underserved populations and giving them the tools to address the most difficult health care challenges.”

Providence’s mantra “Health for A Better World” conveys a mission that the Zands believe in.

“Health doesn’t happen by itself. It’s a combination of mental health, physical health, environmental health. It all goes hand in hand to create a better, healthier community,” Dr. Alex says.

That message resonates with Dr. Neerja in her work as a pediatrician: “For children, you have to start young, put them on the right track building good habits that lead to good health,” she says. “Because the youth are our future.”

Speaking of the future, the Zands say they hope to leave a positive legacy built on hope and love.

“We’d like to be remembered for giving help, love and care to family, friends and patients,” Dr. Neerja says. “I think that’s all we want. To give and have been loved.”

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