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Healing Hands, Heartfelt Thanks


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Healing Hands, Heartfelt Thanks

New tribute wall is a meaningful opportunity to honor physicians

Whether performing a lifesaving intervention, treating an ongoing issue, or acting as a reassuring presence during a difficult time, physicians are there when we need them. Our new Physician Honoree Wall allows donors to pay tribute to the compassionate care and expertise provided by Providence St. Joseph Hospital physicians.

Envisioned by Tanja Cebula, former chair of the Foundation board, the wall provides a platform for donors to express their gratitude to the remarkable individuals who dedicate their lives to healing and caring for those in need. Tanja kicked off the project by making a generous gift to honor three doctors who touched her life in meaningful ways.

Gifts of $100,000 will recognize a physician on the wall, which is centrally located adjacent to the Wishing Well Gift Shop. Donors can elect to have their names alongside the physicians or acknowledge and thank them anonymously.

Physician Honorees

Each plaque adorning the Physician Honoree Wall is a tangible reminder of our gratitude for our compassionate physicians and their impact on the well-being of patients and the community. Physicians recognized to date:

  • Michele M. Carpenter, M.D.
  • Raymond J. Casciari, M.D.
  • Amer E. Jabara, M.D.
  • Thomas Kim, M.D.
  • Tariq Mahmood, M.D.
  • Donald J. Mahon, M.D.
  • David A. Margileth, M.D.
  • John Maurice, M.D.
  • Brian A. Palafox, M.D.
  • Peter Smethurst, M.D.
  • Ivan Turpin, M.D.
  • John West, M.D.

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